About SLW

Hello Everybody!

I guess you clicked on this to find out about us?!? Well too bad! Just joking, but we are a pretty private bunch. My name is Daniel. I have a family and they work with me doing leather off and on when they can in between school and work around the house. My oldest does the most to help because he is more experienced. He has become quite the leather worker. My wife keeps us all fed, cleaned up and organized. We have 6 children now so it can get pretty hectic around the leather room sometimes. But that is why we started doing leather to begin with. Something we could do and learn together to help support our family. We all thank you so much for your interest in our leather work. Thank you for all you do for our family and business. Please tell all your friends about us and let us know if we can serve your leather, soap, or blade needs.

Daniel and Family